Just Moved Back?

Have you just moved back after serving overseas?

Are you finding yourself in the midst of the reverse culture shock fog?

You are in good company!

Welcome to Rocky Re-entry!  Our goal is to help you feel a little less alone on your re-entry journey.  We want to share stories from others who’ve walked this road before you and resources for your re-entry process.

This blog was created as a place for global workers transitioning back to their home country and those processing their re-entry journey in the context of their faith to connect.  You can read more about why we started Rocky Re-entry here.

Welcome!  You are NOT alone.  We hope you find something here helpful.

Here are a few posts to start with:

8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Moved Back

Losing My Identity on My Layover:  Who am I and Where Did My Old Self Go?

For Friends and Family of those Moving Back Home.

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  • Hi, I love your posts! We returned from 10 yrs in Kyrgyzstan 5 years ago, and I now work with folk who have returned “home” after time overseas – providing debriefing and coaching to help them move positively through their transition. I often post your articles in the facebook group I run called re-entry stories – please feel free to join that and post them yourself too!
    If you’re up for a skype chat to share experiences and resources, let me know!

    • Hi Helen, Thanks for your kind words. I have recently joined the re-entry stories at the suggestion of a friend, and am enjoying reading all the great resources there. I will try to post those things that might be applicable to the broader expat audience. Yes, it would be fun to skype sometimes. Email me at ruthie@rockyreentry.com and we can talk more!

  • Hi Ruthie
    A friend of mine sent me your blog and i am so appreciative! After living in the UK for 20 years, i knew the move back would be difficult – just not THIS difficult. I found your ‘8 things . . . . . ‘ blog so helpful and comforting – especially as i thought i i was having a mental break down! Your blog helped me realize i am still within the ‘sane’ category!

    I’ve sent your blog onto my daughters to help them also understand their transition.

    Thanks so much again!!!

  • My family and I just moved back to the states after six years in Uganda as church planters. It was not a planned move and we had about 12 hours to prepare our three children and leave. The circumstances of our departure were tragic and had nothing to do with us which makes it feel worse…we had no choice. We had no time to say proper good byes. I found this site this morning (a particularly hard morning) and was greatly encouraged. Thank you for posting these very helpful articles.

  • Splendid posts, Ruthie! I’ve just copied them out on my computer with the links, so I can make them available to others. 18 months ago the Lord brought me back to the US to walk my parents through the last 8 months of my Dad’s life after 45 years (13 growing up) in Taiwan. Conflation of griefs and adjustments to new locale (3 hours from Mom), community, climate, church, and work have hit me hard. GriefShare has been helpful. ‘Finding myself’ feels like college, though with less excuse. I don’t want to seem to whine, but it has been paralyzing as a single. This is a wonderful site & I’ll recommend it & share your resources with those offering returnee/missionary/TCK care. Bless you!

  • I am so thankful for this website! I’ve just had my own re-etry from central america this week and its so comforting to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way. Thank you for your words of encouragement and advice.

  • Thank you for this! Someone sent me your link after I expressed having a super hard time. We were prepared to live in a small village in Uganda for a year. I ruptured a disc in my back and the doctor there told me I have to return to the states. One month exactly. I am having the hardest time, crying about seemingly nothing. I feel like I didn’t fully do what I went to do. I uprooted my family and prepared us for a year only to come back. Although I’m the only one having issues. I feel like I failed so many people. I know deep down I didn’t, but that feeling isn’t going away. I AM scared of supporters thoughts. What if I wanted to go back, would we still get support? How can I live here knowing how they live there? I feel disappointed, disgusted, ashamed, guilty, heartbroken. It was only one month. I cannot imagine how people deal with this after years. Your site is definitely helping me. Thank you

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