More Resources for those in Reentry (Groups, Coaches, Retreats)

Here are some great resources for those in the re-entry season that have crossed my path recently:

Facebook Groups: facebook

Reentry Stories:  This group led by Helen Watts is a place for people to share ideas, thoughts, stories about re-entry.  It is for all types of expats…those in the corporate world, those in the non-profit world, etc.  This is a private group.  You will need to ask to join.

I am a Triangle.  This group is for all kinds of expats (not just those in re-entry).  You can read Naomi Hattaway’s article about repatriation that describes the term “I am a Triangle.”  This is also a closed Facebook group.  They have also started different expat meetup groups in many areas of the US and around the world.  So if you are looking to connect with others who have lived overseas in some capacity in your area, you may find options here.  Naomi has also started a website group for triangles.  You can learn more about that on the facebook page.

Coaches:  sometimes we just need someone to help us on the journey.

Helen Watts has put together a list of coaches and others to provide support to those in re-entry.

Melissa Chaplin, author of Returning Well, is also a part of a coaching group that offers coaching for cross-cultural workers.  Check it out here.

Coaching Mission International also has a coaching package for those in transition.


velvet ashes retreat

Velvet Ashes Upcoming Retreat:   Velvet Ashes has an annual retreat that can be a great fit for women in re-entry.  This is a do at your own pace…at home personal retreat.  Life is crazy in re-entry.  We are often processing a lot.  Taking a a day of personal retreat in the midst of it all can really help!  What I love about this retreat is it can be done at your style in your way, but it provides a framework or an excuse to be intentionally about taking some time away.   Velvet Ashes is providing a spiritual retreat that you can do from right where you are in your corner of the world.  Many of the speakers have been through their own re-entry back into their passport countries.  The retreat offers:  music, yoga video, coloring pages, retreat guide, and more!  It’s also free (or you can make a small donation if you would like).  You should really check this out!  Many of the past participants who have found it most helpful were in the re-entry season of life.  Register here and help extend this invitation, so others can know.

thrive retreat for global women

Summer Thrive Retreat in Colorado.  This one is specifically for women who have recently moved back to the US or are on home assignment.  To attend a Thrive retreat, you typically need to have returned to the US in the past year after working as a full-time support based worker overseas.  I have been a part of volunteering with Thrive at these retreats for several years, and they are a wonderful opportunity to be with other women who get your life.  These are NOT your average women’s retreat. They are a safe place to begin to process some of your experiences on the field.  The retreats are also affordable.  Check out info for the one in Colorado this summer.

Those are a few of the resources that have crossed my path recently…I’m sure there are others out there.  What are your favorite resources on re-entry?

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Ruthie formerly served cross culturally in Central America. She had her own rocky reentry back to the USA about eight years ago. She currently lives in the Midwest where she enjoys volunteering with refugee families, shopping international grocery stores, and drinking cups of coffee with friends.

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