Favorite Blog Posts About Re-entry and Transition

One of the reasons I started this blog is that there does not seem to me to be a good collection of articles specifically about missionary’s experience with re-entry in one place.  And sometimes hearing other people’s stories helps.  But there are some great things that have been written…here are some of my favorites:

Overviews…and Summaries

Coming ‘Home’:  When Missionaries Come Off the Field by Carla Williams  –  This is a really great overview and good tips to send to your friends and family.

I have listened to your stories by Melissa Chaplin.  This is a really great summary of reentry!  I love her way of explaining some of these things.

Re-entry:  Are you ready for the shock of your life?  by Paula Cowan

Reverse Culture Shock…and what to make of it.

Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock by Caz.  From a travel blog… good stuff.

The Land of Exocticness by Caz.  Because sometimes life feels boring now.

Can you survive Reverse Culture Shock by Amanda Kendle

Reverse Culture Shock: 5 Ways to Beet the Back at Home Blues by

Reverse Culture Shock Survivor: Settling in, 5 Years on by Amanda Kendle

Thoughts on Coming Home:  Reverse Culture Shock by Matthew Trinetti  Thoughts on the US after traveling in Europe for an extended period.

Repat Jack.  I’m not going to pick one post from this one…there are several good ones.

Thoughts on Transition

A Conversation about Transition by Patty Stallings  Transition = Transformation.  Good thoughts!

The Cost is Real by Patty Stallings.  This one is about saying goodbye…again…but it relates to reentry I think too!

How to Know if you are a Pre or Post Griever and Why it Matters by Amy Young.  About grief…which applies a lot to transition.

Return by Danielle Wheller The emotional journey of leaving the field. “Your honor is not tied to your address.”

Thoughts from Those in the Midst of Reentry

A to Z Compulsions and Cravings and Re-entry Challenges by Jamie…and there are some more great ones on this blog like I’m Dreaming of a Poinsettia Christmas, and other unlikely occurrences

The Gift of Presence by Rachel Hicks

Living in Paradox by Danielle Krouch

Walking on Jell-O by Danielle Krouch

The Land of Plenty {Observations of Home from One Who’s Just Returned to It}  by Laura Leigh Parker.  This is a lighthearted list of things she’s noticing about the US.

The unknown hazards of returning home by Amy Young.  This one is mostly about church.

A great Fear {as pertaining to the story of my life} by Amy Young.  About wrestling with a change of identity.

Small Planet Studio.com has a collection of Re-entry Reality Stories.  Check them out here.

I was an expat wife: this blog has several great posts including 5 things I did right as a repatriate, Repatriation: 5 mistakes I wish I hadn’t made, 10 ways repatriation is nothing like home leave, and Re-entry: expectations vs. reality.

31 Days of American Culture Shock by Whitney An Instagram peak into 31 days of being back in the US.  What a great idea!

Instagrams of a Recovering Expat:  a fun photo read highlighting some things she is enjoying about the states.

31 Days of Reentry – Leslie shares on a variety of topics about reentry.

Thoughts on What Changes After Living Overseas

17 things that change forever when you live abroad by Angie Castells  This does pertain entirely to re-entry, but it does talk about what changes when you live overseas which of course is why it’s complicated to move back.

Articles on Mental Health and Expats

Aid Workers, Too, Suffering Post-Traumatic Stress by Stefan Lovgren for National Geographic News

What are some of your favorite blog posts/articles on re-entry or transition?

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Ruthie formerly served cross culturally in Central America. She had her own rocky reentry back to the USA about eight years ago. She currently lives in the Midwest where she enjoys volunteering with refugee families, shopping international grocery stores, and drinking cups of coffee with friends.

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